Sunday, July 27, 2008

Rush Reunion

First of all Benedicta, Maine is a small town located about an hour north of Bangor, Maine. Early on in the history of the United States, the work of Bishop Cheverus among the Indians was continued by Bishop Fenwick, and he established in July, 1834, the Catholic colony at Benedicta in Northern Maine. Today it continues as a small community of about 300 people.

Per Richard Kelley Jr.

The Rush, Qualey and a few others were given land there to help build what was then meant to be Holy Cross. After the passing of Bishop Fenwick Benedict the next Bishop did not find the area to be as prosperous as did Bishop Fenwick Benedict so it was then moved to Mass. where it resides today. The church and other buildings are still there today. It is still one of the most one of the nation's most renown Catholic towns in the nation.

My grandfather's house looks right upon the hill to the church and where was once the general store.

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