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Rush Family

John D. Rush born Nov. 27, 1801 Stelle, Germany and died April 1874 in T2R6. He married Sarah Theresa Schmidt. She was born 1812 in Alcase, France and died 09-25-1856 in T2R6.

They married in 1833 in Patterson, NJ.The children of John and Sarah are:

1. Ellen M. Rush who married Edward L. Perry (More info. Needed on this line)
2. Catherine Rush b. 07-16-1835 married John Blassie Gantnier 10-25-1857 in Benedicta. Catherine d. 01-18-1934More info. needed
3. Mary Ann Rush b. Oct. 1836 in Patterson, NJ and died Apr. 1837 in Patterson, NJ more info. needed
4. John Dietrich Rush b. 03-08-1838 Patterson, NJ. married Catherine Crabbe His second marriage Mary E Reardon Martel. John d. 02-14-1918 Benedicta, ME
5. Margaret Rush b. 04-29-1839 Benedicta, ME married William Henry Casey 05-02-1858. Margaret d. 11-19-1919 Houlton
6. Sarah Rush b. 11-14-1840 Benedicta, ME married Alexander MacDonald 05-01-1864. Sarah d. 05-26-1925 in Lewiston.
7. Mary Ann Rush b. 04-07-1842 Benedicta, ME married John Henry Scanlan 05-14-1865. Mary Ann d. 07-10-1925 in Sherman, ME
8.Henry Rush (My great great grandfather) b. Jan. 1845 Benedicta. Henry married Honora Cummings 1876. Henry d. 05-04-1904.
9. Francis Rush b. 02-27-1847 Benedicta, ME Francis married Margaret A Donovan 1876 in Benedicta. Francis d. 07-05-1910
10. Joseph Rush b. 07-15-1851 Benedicta Joseph Married Anna Lawler. Joseph d. 08-25-1937 Benedicta, ME
11. Gertrude Rush b. 02-23-1856 Benedicta, ME Gertrude married Patrick Rogan 06-27-1880 in Benedicta, ME. Gertrude d. 04-04-1927

That is the list of all the children and I need all of their linages to complete the family history as much as possible

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Kate said...

Gertrude Rush and Patrick Rogan were my great grandparents Anne L Rogan was my grandmother. Annes son Robert was my dad