Monday, December 8, 2008

Rush Reunion Update

To all those who can trace their roots back to Johann Dietrich Rush (Rasche) from Stelle Germany and whose final resting place is Benedicta Maine.

Mark your calendars for Saturday August 21 2010 as the date for the fifth Rush (Rasche) Family Reunion in Benedicta Maine.

The official web site for the Reunion is . This web site belongs to Michelle Qualey who has volunteered to run the web site for the next reunion. We will post all information here.

This as stated above will be our fifth reunion and with everyone’s help, it will be the best yet. I realize that there are still some that do not have email so we will send one mailing to all those families that we do not have an email address for letting them know the date and the web site and for better or for worse they will be on their own to stay abreast after that mailing. I am sorry to have to do that but it is just too timely and cost ineffective to have to do both.

Since we had so much success at our last reunion with a day for white water rafting, mountain climbing and we should not forget the longest golf game in history as well as a day for just smaller family reunions we will develop a similar format for this reunion as well. We may add a day on the river in either canoes or kayaks.

We will offer t-shirts again and if anyone has any ideas for the t-shirt for this reunion please send in your ideas.

Over the last few years, I have run into so many people who have told me that they look forward to this reunion and I thank you all for that. I hope that in 2010 we can finally get over a thousand people to join us in Benedicta. If we can get the Duffy family to join us along with the Fitzpatrick family form Houlton I am sure we will have no trouble making that number.

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