Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Rush Reunion 2010

Here are some comments on the site thus far.

have been going in on the reunion and you are doing a great job in writing it up.
want to let you know that the cake for the pass reunion was made by jim rogan of york beach the grand-son of patrick and gertrude rogan i am their grand-daugher i live in millinocket

I came across this Bangor Daily News obituary when I googled my father’s name. I’m Harold Qualey’s daughter from Norwalk, Ct and now live with my husband & 2 sons in Upton, Ma. which is about 45 minutes west of Boston. I am a retired kindergarten teacher and both of my sons go to the University of Massachusetts Amherst.

We used to stay at Frank’s house when our family made the 9 hour drive to Benedicta. Gilbert was my godfather and Hazel & Nora used to spend the holidays at our house in Norwalk each year.

Now that both boys are away at college and my husband & I are retired, I have often wanted to take a ride up the Maine coast and show my husband Benedicta and seen how it has changed. I’m sure I wouldn’t recognize anything but I have such pleasant memories of our family trips.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Barbara Dorenzo

Hi....I just received an email re the upcoming reunion, and I was looking over your website. My grandmother was one of seven daughters born to Sarah and Alexander MacDonald....her name was Mary Flora MacDonald and she married Thomas J. O'Driscoll from County Cork, Ireland in Lewiston....and he later dropped the "O". Three of the sisters married Sullivan brothers. Annie Elizabeth married John, Teresa Estella married Florance, Nellie married Dan. Sarah (Sanie) married Herbert Young. Maria, the youngest and Katie, the second youngest, I believe died young and never married. I have a very old photograph of the seven which I believe was taken in Benedicta. It has all their names on the back in my grandmother's handwriting. She had eight children: Lillian, Robert, Sister Marie Benedicta, Teresa, and John (my father). The other three died before the age of 1 and are buried in Mt. Hope Cemetery in Lewiston, ME.

These are scans of the family tree done by My Aunt Margaret “Gantnier” Vinet

Your blog is awesome and I hope that turns out half as good.

If you are wondering, I am Vernon Gantnier’s Son Kevin, Felix Gantnier was my Uncle

And Bertha “Sleeper” Gantnier was my Grandmother.

I have just started with the site and forums and I hope to fill it with info and pictures

of Gantniers and extended family.

Hope this helps.

Also I would like permission to link to your blog from

Cheers Kevin V. Gantnier Sr.

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