Sunday, February 1, 2009

Rush Reunion Mailing for 2010

Good Day to you all,
As we approach a year and a half away from now our upcoming reunion I would like to send out a little newsletter to all of you. I am compiling our heritage of John D. Rush so our memoirs will be forever treasured. I have compiled a tremendous amount thus far and would love to give all of you this opportunity to make sure you and your family are in this book. In order to complete this task I will need family linage from all of you. If any of you would like to proof your direct linage to make sure everything is on there then please feel free to contact me at, or qualey28@gmail. com as I check them all daily.

I have the mailing addresses for those that attended the reunion in 2005 but as times have changed and people have moved so I want to be sure to have all the accurate information to make this mailing possible. If any changes have been made in your mailing address or know of others in the family who are not currently on the list just send me their address and I will be to include them in the mailing.

Thanks again for all of your help.

Michelle Qualey Andrews

Michelle Qualey Andrews
11 Achorn Lane
South China, ME 04358

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