Thursday, February 5, 2009

Yes Rush Reunion Families are on Facebook as well

To All of you that have asked I have created Rush Reunion Benedicta, ME on facebook and you can see various family members. We are trying to reach a milestone of 1,000 for 2010. Please lets get all of the descendants of John D. Rush. So please Qualey's and Duffy's we need to help out in this event and make it happen. Steve and many others over the years have put alot of time and effort into this effort. Let us all show them our respect and gratitude in person. See you all Aug. 21, 2010 and the week leading up to the large reunion on that Saturday. There will be various activities throughout the week. I will keep you posted as the time draws near.

Thanks again,
Michelle Qualey Andrews

Rush Reunion Benedicta, ME on facebook if there are certain family members you are looking for you might find them there.

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