Wednesday, June 17, 2009

5th Rush Reunion Aug. 21, 2010

As we plan our summer events let us not forget our upcoming reunion next summer Aug. 21, 2010. This reunion is for all of us that can trace our bloodline back to John D. Rush so those Surnames to list some are RUSH, PERRY, ROGAN, MCNALLY, MCAVOY, BRENNAN, CRABBE, QUALEY, LAWLER, HINES, GANTNIER, CASEY, DUFFY, SCANLAN, MCDONALD , CUMMINGS, ROBINSON, (Just to name a few as the list is far longer than that. ) We want to see Benedicta come alive once again. Let's come together and make this the biggest celebration yet. Please help us in doing so attending this week long of events starting Aug. 16, 2010 with daily activities throughout the week. The day before the reunion there will be smaller gatherings for each of the descendants of John D. and Sarah Rush.

This photo is courtesy of Richard Kelly.


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