Sunday, July 25, 2010

Rush Reunion Revised Aug. 21, 2010

It appears the box lunch and the price tag of fifty dollars has really upset and turned off a number of people and as I stated that was never my intention. I know full well that one cannot please everyone and only a fool will try so call me a fool if you want but rather than the box lunch, we will go back to what worked for the last four gatherings and ask everyone to please bring a covered dish of your choice on Saturday. For those of you that are coming from far away and are staying at a motel where it is not possible to create something it would be a big help if you could bring some fruit like a water melon or grapes for all to share. Because of this last minute change I am not real sure of what kind of food to expect but knowing how wonderful the people of Benedicata and Sherman are when it comes to this kind of function I am sure it will all work out. In the past outings we had Lisa Rush to coordinate this but we do not have here this time. If there is a person who would like to coordinate the food please let us know.

Instead of fifty dollars per family if twenty five is not a burden that should cover the cost of the paper plates forks knives etc along with water soda and beer. It should also be enough to pay for the porta-johns and the facility. Out of this money, we will also purchase hot dogs that we will steam so that no one will have to slave over a stove or grill that day.

For all of you that have sent in their money we will credit your money towards the cost of the t-shirts you ordered and if you did not order, any we will give you a refund on Saturday.

Sorry for all the confusion on this one. Looking forward to seeing you all in Benedicta